The 99

Haven't started (29)
In progress (6)
Complete (64)
  1. Try 100 new recipes. (100/100) 
  2. Attend a professional sporting event. 
  3. Participate in the Cooper River Bridge Run. 
  4. Give up sweets for a month. 
  5. Write a letter, not an email, to a friend or relative.
  6. Send Christmas cards. 
  7. Take a dance class. 
  8. Try Pilates. 
  9. Have an at-home spa day. 
  10. Read 30 non-academic books. (19/30)
  11. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  12. See a doctor about my incessant heartburn. 
  13. Buy a new kitchen gadget and use it at least 10 times. (10/10) 
  14. Host a themed party. 
  15. Memorize a book of the Bible.
  16. Do something drastically different with my hair.
  17. Apply to grad school...again. 
  18. Straighten up the guest room. 
  19. Sing at a coffeehouse.
  20. Learn to swim. 
  21. Get really dressed up to go somewhere that's not fancy. 
  22. Get my eyebrows waxed. 
  23. Give a gift for no reason. 
  24. See 5 new states, not including airports. (5/5) 
  25. Eat at a famous restaurant. 
  26. Get a job in a public health setting. 
  27. Print all of our wedding photos/bridal portraits and put them in frames or albums. 
  28. Watch every movie that has won the Oscar for Best Picture in the past 50 years, and 2011-2013. (53/53) 
  29. Do something really big and unexpected for Tom. 
  30. Get my car washed and vacuumed. 
  31. Fit into the jeans I wore in high school. 
  32. Give up Facebook for a month.
  33. Make my own sweet tea. 
  34. Sell or donate our old unused stuff. 
  35. Enter some kind of eating contest. 
  36. Take photos to spell out our last name and frame them. (9/10) 
  37. Walk/jog/run at least 3 times a week for a month. 
  38. Compliment or thank Tom for something specific every day for a month. 
  39. Wear a sleeveless shirt or dress without a cover-up. 
  40. Start a dream journal. 
  41. Turn off the radio and pray in the car on the way to work. 
  42. Buy an article of clothing I would never normally buy for myself. 
  43. Create a schedule for keeping the house clean. 
  44. Learn to play a new card game. 
  45. Send a care package to Philip. 
  46. Be a tourist in the city where I live. 
  47. Ride a train. 
  48. Make jewelry. 
  49. Learn music theory. 
  50. Take photos of/for a friend or relative. 
  51. Choose walking over driving at least 5 times. (5/5) 
  52. Call a friend or relative just to catch up. 
  53. Join a choir. 
  54. Donate my hair.
  55. Look at rotten food under a microscope. 
  56. Say something nice about someone who makes me feel bad about myself. 
  57. Get a new plant and keep it alive longer than a month. 
  58. Order fish at a restaurant 5 times. (5/5) 
  59. Learn to use chopsticks. 
  60. Start a new family tradition. 
  61. Go to a high school football game. 
  62. Do the crazy-long workout on our Tae-Bo DVD all the way through. 
  63. Go to 5 concerts. (4/5) 
  64. Watch every season of ER. (13/15) 
  65. Take a spin class. 
  66. Give up TV for a week, unless it's for meeting one of the other goals. 
  67. Donate money to the Clemson Fund.
  68. Have a neighbor over for dinner. 
  69. File all our old bills and other documents. 
  70. Give my mom and mother-in-law the day off from cooking on Thanksgiving. (2/2)
  71. Wear a legitimate Halloween costume. 
  72. Learn Microsoft Access. 
  73. Finish my graduation scrapbook. 
  74. Sample something at a farmers' market and actually buy it. 
  75. Update my verse journal. 
  76. Go to a drive-in movie. 
  77. Play tennis again. 
  78. Start a savings account for our future children. 
  79. Go to a zoo that has polar bears. 
  80. Compliment a stranger. 
  81. Visit another country. 
  82. Resist the urge to quote or reference The Golden Girls for a month. 
  83. Climb Diamond Head. 
  84. Read Systematic Theology. 
  85. Volunteer at Jeff Street at least once every month. (33/33) 
  86. Wear a sari.
  87. Send David something nice while he's away from home. 
  88. Go a week without nagging Tom.
  89. Stay out all night.
  90. Take a bubble bath. 
  91. Attend a Christmas tree lighting. 
  92. Give an additional offering along with my tithe. 
  93. Sit down with Tom and update our budget. 
  94. Shoot a 3-pointer. 
  95. Visit the USTA National Tennis Center in New York. 
  96. Drive a Mustang. 
  97. Take a self-defense class. 
  98. Get a fleur-de-lis Christmas ornament. 
  99. Inspire someone else to start their own "99 in 999" list.