Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Dad-oween!

#71: Wear a legitimate Halloween costume.
Did anyone ever see that Frasier episode where Frasier threw a Halloween party and told everyone to come dressed as someone they admired, and Niles came as Martin? I guess that was the inspiration for my Halloween costume this year: my dad.

I realize there were several directions I could have gone with this: Fishing Dad, Vacation Dad...I decided to go with Work Dad. This is more or less how I remember him looking pretty much every weekday before he retired. Very engineer-y.

Man. Check out that ID photo. That is a perfect likeness right there.

Tom dressed like his dad too. Note the Blackberry on his belt. My father-in-law gets to wear Hawaiian shirts to work every day. Aren't you jealous?

Happy Halloween from Jim and Paul!

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