Sunday, March 13, 2011


#1: Try 100 new recipes.
I tried two new recipes this week, both involving curry powder! One of the ladies at work had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch the other day. It was the kind with grapes and apples (my favorite), and it made me want to try making it myself. I found a recipe for it, but the only difference between this one and the one my co-worker had was that this recipe had curry powder. It sounded a little strange at first, but it got really good reviews on Allrecipes, so I gave it a try. And it was awesome! That curry powder made a huge difference. It's a good thing I listened to my inner Indian. :-p Then later in the week, I made mulligatawny soup, which was also really good. I didn't realize it at the time, but the word "mulligatawny" is from the Tamil for "pepper water," and Tamil is my parents' native language. How 'bout that?

#46: Be a tourist in my hometown.
Speaking of my parents, they came to visit us this weekend!

This picture was taken in front of Churchill Downs on Saturday. We also visited the Muhammad Ali Center, drove by Cave Hill Cemetery (where Colonel Sanders is buried), and showed Mom and Dad around the campus at Southern. For dinner that night, we took them to Shalimar, an Indian restaurant we really love. It was such a great day! We had so much fun doing touristy things with them!

#18: Straighten up the guest room.
On Friday, we finally made the last push to tidy up the guest room so Mom and Dad would have somewhere to sleep...! Here, I think the results speak for themselves:


and after!

Huge difference, right? Now it's actually neat enough to use! I am soooo excited to get in there and start using it more often. It's so peaceful...perfect for blogging. ;-)

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