Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Chemical Romance

#1: 100 new recipes.
I love watching chemical reactions. Maybe that's secretly the reason I love to cook/bake. My most recent new recipe involved a reaction that was actually kinda weird-looking, but still really cool. We really wanted pancakes yesterday morning, but we didn't have any pancake mix. I was a little nervous about making one up, so Tom went on Allrecipes and found a tried-and-true way to make them from scratch. The recipe had a 5-star rating, even after nearly 2,000 reviews, so I figured it had to be a winner. It was super-easy, and all the ingredients were ones we always have on hand anyway. What was the chemical reaction, you ask? I had to "sour" milk (as a substitution for buttermilk, I guess). I poured some milk into a bowl, then added some vinegar and let it sit for 5 minutes. It...was...awesome! Almost immediately, the milk started getting kinda flaky...oops, sorry if that grosses you out. (Be glad I didn't take a picture. I really wanted to!)

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