Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back from Vacation

We're back from San Antonio! And I was at least slightly productive while we were there...!

#42: Get one article of clothing I would never buy for myself.
There was a little boutique right across the street from our hotel. Tom and I went there on Monday, and I found a dress to wear to Tom's grandparents' celebration dinner that night. (They're celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary this year!) The dress had one feature that is usually a huge turn-off for me: slightly poofy sleeves with elastic on the ends. This is a turn-off because my arms are my least favorite feature, so I usually bypass any article of clothing that draws attention to them, and this dress definitely did. But it wasn't too bad, though I do think it will look better when my arms are smaller. Wish I had a picture of me wearing it, though. I think Tom's mom got a good one...will post as soon as possible.

#10: Read 30 non-academic books.
Tom just finished Jerry Seinfeld's Sein Language, and he passed it on to me. It was a pretty quick read; I read about half of it during the flight from Atlanta to San Antonio, and finished the other half on Tuesday morning. It was basically a collection of jokes from his standup routines. So, so good. My father-in-law is a big Seinfeld fan, so I passed it on to him, and he had brought a book to loan to me too! I also finally finished George Muller's autobiography. My friend Joel gave it to me when I graduated from Clemson in 2008, and I started it sometime last year. The book is not long at all, but every time I picked it up I only read a few paragraphs at a time. Well, I finished it while waiting by our gate at the Atlanta airport on the way home this afternoon. Actually, it wasn't so much an autobiography as it was excerpts from his diaries, but still...what a story. Muller was such a good example of childlike faith. Even in times of desperate need when there was no relief in sight, his faith in God was unwavering, and God was faithful every time. What an example of how God does not forsake those who seek to glorify Him!

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