Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ready to Run

#3: Participate in the Cooper River Bridge Run.

As of this past Monday, I am officially in training! The Bridge Run is the last day of March next year. My mom's done it a few years in a row now, but this time I think I'm finally ready to get in on the action too. (Sad, though, I lived in Charleston my entire life until last year, and when I finally decide to do the Bridge Run, I don't even live there anymore...!) I think I want to run it, not walk it, so I wanted to start getting ready as early as possible. I'm not much of a runner. Heh, I feel silly even saying that because it seems so obvious. I'm not built like a runner, and I always feel like I look stupid when I'm doing it. But other than that, I actually really like it. Running just feels less like work compared to other kinds of exercise. I'm following a 13-week Couch to 10K plan to get me started, and it's been great so far. Up there is a picture of it printed out and posted on the fridge! (I wanted to put it in a place where I'll be sure to see it often, lol.)

Another great thing about running is that your vacation doesn't have to keep you from doing it. Nice thought, because we're headed to San Antonio for a few days next week, and I don't have to put my training on hold!

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