Friday, February 3, 2012

First and Last

#1: 100 new recipes.
I've finally found an easy, flexible breakfast casserole recipe, from who else but Paula Deen? Her recipe calls for a pound of sausage, but I think you could keep the base ingredients the same and easily substitute a pound of any other ingredient you wanted (bacon, veggies, some sort of meat/veggie combination, etc.). Did I mention it was easy? Well, it was also really yummy. Once again, I wish I'd taken a picture (I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately...sorry), but we took it over to our friends' house for dinner the other night and sort of...left it there! Oh well. There will definitely be a next time!

#28: Watch every Best Picture Oscar winner from 1961-2013.
The Last Emperor is the last remaining BP winner available for instant streaming on Netflix. (There were several others I hadn't seen yet, but they went away at the beginning of this I've been having to watch it in increments, but I like most of what I've seen so far!

In other Oscar news, this year's nominees were announced last week! Unlike last year, I haven't seen any of them yet, so I don't really have one that I'm rooting for. We'll see what happens!

#85: Jeff Street once a month.
And finally, we made our monthly trip to Jeff Street this past Saturday. Unfortunately, they already had way too many volunteers when we showed up, so our visit was a very short one. (Actually, that's not unfortunate at all, because it means that a lot of people want to help out there. I was also feeling a little under the weather that day, so I was honestly thankful for the chance to go home and rest. But I digress.) Since there wasn't much to say about this month's visit, I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about something pretty awesome that's been happening over the last few months: Some of the Jeff Street residents have started coming to our church. In fact, one Sunday, the whole row in front of Tom and me was full of guys who are in the Fresh Start program. I don't think their showing up has anything to do with Tom or me, but it's just been so cool to know that God is using Crossing to play a part in their spiritual growth. It's also been nice to see some of these guys once a week, instead of just once a month. Exciting stuff!

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