Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scratch That

#1: 100 new recipes.
Wow, I am really in the home stretch with this goal...just 5 more to go! Recipe number 92 was a coffee cake made with applesauce and fat-free sour cream...but you would never know it's healthy by the way it tastes!

Number 93 was a strawberry yogurt cake. I found the recipe on Pinterest, and Tom picked it to be our contribution for the neighborhood cookout on Saturday. Man oh man. It was amazing. And our neighbors must agree, because this entire cake was gone within 20 minutes of bringing it to the cookout!

The next one was really exciting because it required the use of our new George Foreman grill (!)...chicken kebabs in a honey-lime marinade that was deeeeelicious!

Most recently, I tried a recipe that I got from a friend in my community group. It's a layered chicken enchilada casserole named "Enchilada-Zagna." My friend made it for the group when we all went on a retreat last month, and it was so good! I made it for one of Tom's co-workers who recently hurt her ankle, so she wouldn't have to worry about making dinner for at least one night, and she loved it too!

#79: Go to a zoo that has polar bears.
Phil was visiting with us last weekend (!), and one of the things we did while he was here was a trip to the zoo! Louisville has a pretty good zoo; Tom and I went there during Valentine's Day weekend last year, and it was a lot of fun, but the one animal I was most excited about seeing had not yet arrived. See, when I was a kid, I visited the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC a few times, and my favorite animal was always the polar bear. However, it's not there anymore. As you can imagine, South Carolina isn't exactly the most climate-friendly location for a polar bear, no matter how you try to recreate their habitat. That being said, it's been years since the last time I saw one, and I've been itching to see one again. Well, that itch finally got scratched, as did another item from my list!

This little cutie (I say "little" only because she's still technically a cub, even though she's enormous) is Qannik. She was orphaned as a cub in Alaska and brought to the Louisville Zoo last summer. She seems to be have adjusted well, though. See that little stick right in front of her? She picked it up in her mouth, flung it into the water, and dove in to retrieve it. She then repeated this process several times. SO. CUTE. It was so hot outside, the other animals weren't really doing much of anything, so this was probably the coolest thing we saw all day (no pun intended).

#85: Jeff Street once a month.
We visited Jeff Street this morning, but only for about an hour...the day shelter is currently undergoing some renovations so there wasn't a whole lot there for us to do, but Danny put us to work anyway, making sandwiches for the residents. To be honest, I wish we could do that sort of thing more often; anything involving food preparation is okay by me! :) I would really love to cook a meal for those guys sometime; I think that's become one of my favorite things to do for people. Hmm. I wonder if cooking might be considered one of those unnamed spiritual gifts...?

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