Monday, February 25, 2013

The list is complete!

No, not THE list, unfortunately...

#28: Watch every Best Picture winner since 1961.
So, the Oscars were on last night. You know what that means...all of the movies on my list have now been revealed. Welcome to the list, Argo! Of all the movies that were nominated this year, the only one I've actually seen so far is Lincoln, and I really thought that would win because it was fantastic, but I guess we'll see if Argo is even better. (At least Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor; if he hadn't, it would probably go down as one of the biggest Oscar snubs of all time.)

In honor of the Oscars, Netflix has made a bunch of Oscar-winning movies available for instant streaming, including Ordinary People! It's been in dry-dock ever since Tom and I got Netflix, so I was more than a little excited when I discovered that I could finally watch it without even having to wait for it to come in the mail. And the verdict? It was...good. Not one of my favorites, but definitely not terrible. The ending was a little unsettling, but when you think about the title of the movie, it made sense: In real life, not every situation gets finished off with a nice, neat bow. Yes, I just revealed that the ending isn't exactly a happy one. Hey, the movie's been out for over 30 years; you've had plenty of time. So anyway, that's 48 movies down, and just 5 more to go...I think I might actually meet this goal!

#3: Participate in the Cooper River Bridge Run.
Speaking of goals I'm on my way to meeting, the Bridge Run is just over a month away; Tom and I are good and registered, and our packets arrived last week! I'd love to post a picture, but we had our stuff sent to my parents' house, so I haven't actually seen it yet...! Unfortunately, though, I don't think I'll be able to run it. I restarted the Couch-to-10K plan a few months back, but the holidays really slowed me down, so I won't be done with the program by the time the Bridge Run rolls around. Maybe I'll run as much of it as I can, and then walk the rest...we'll see. In any case, I am doing it, so in my mind this goal is as good as checked-off already!

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