Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pressing On

#18: Straighten up the guest room.
Tom mentioned the other day that he hadn't been able to get much work done lately. I knew at least part of it was because he had been trying to work in the living room, usually while I'm zoned out in front of the TV. Our guest room, however, would be the perfect place to get stuff done; it's quiet, cozy, and well-lit. Unfortunately, right now it's also a huge mess; lately, I've been referring to it as the "dumping ground" for anything we're not using. Honestly, I had pretty much given up on keeping it neat, thinking that we're moving in August anyway and we can just start fresh in our new place. But that would be such a waste! It's a great room; when we first moved in and got it set up, we used to love spending time in there. Besides, we're paying rent for an apartment with two bedrooms, so not using the guest room would be like throwing money out the window (provided you can actually get to the window). So I've started to get it back in order. Hopefully we'll have a good workspace soon!

#41: Turn off the radio and pray in the car.
I did this Monday morning on the way to work, and it definitely will not be the last time. It's amazing how this one thing affected the rest of the day. I love that I can talk to God anytime I want; He always speaks such peace to my heart, and He knew that was exactly what I needed that morning because I woke up in a really weird mood.

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