Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a Week! work again this week. 'Nuff said?

#1: 100 new recipes.
I made guacamole from scratch for the first time the other night! I got the recipe from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, and it is soooo simple to make! With the Super Bowl coming up, this recipe might be making another appearance, but I think I might actually need to ease off the gas pedal on this goal for awhile...! Don't want to have all the big fun right away! :-p

#10: 30 non-academic books.
I also just recently finished reading For Women Only. The author, Shaunti Feldhahn, spoke about this book at Seacoast sometime last year, and a friend from our old small group happened to have a copy which she loaned to me. It's basically the findings of a survey the author did on thousands of men from all walks of life, and this survey revealed a lot of misconceptions we women have when it comes to relating to them, particularly wives to their husbands. (The book was full of statistics and percentages, by the way; the sociologist in me was all over this.) I personally think this is one book every married woman needs to read...with a grain of salt, of course, as is the case with all books like this. I won't say anymore about it, though, just in case there are any men reading this...I mean, let's not forget what the title of the book is!

#28: Watch every Best Picture winner from 1960-2013.
Two this weekend! The Hurt Locker was on Showtime Friday night (which we happen to get, even though our cable package is otherwise pretty limited), and that was good, although I think I could have appreciated it more if every other word hadn't been profane; then again, it did seem like a pretty realistic portrayal of what life was like for our troops in Iraq. If anything, it made me really want to make it a priority to pray for those who are deployed overseas, which is always a good thing. Then we were in the mood for another movie on Saturday, so we rented Out of Africa, which was the most "tame" Best Picture winner we could find at Blockbuster (The Hurt Locker was pretty intense, as you might imagine). The acting was great, of course, but it was a little hard to follow at times, plus it was about a woman having an affair, so...yeah. A good weekend, but not my favorite one for movies so far, to be quite honest.

#51: Choose walking over driving at least five times.

There was a UPS notice on our front door Friday morning, saying that we had a package at the front office. But this was the scene outside that morning; we got 3.6 inches of snow on Thursday, and the apartment office is practically on the other end of the property from our building. I was so tempted to drive to the office, but I decided against it for two reasons: 1) gas prices in Louisville are hovering around $3.15 per gallon right now, so I want to save it in any way I possibly can, and 2) in the time it takes to get all the snow off the car and warm it up, I could easily walk to the office and back. It felt good having to rely on my legs instead of my car to get me where I needed to go...! :)

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