Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

#1: Try 100 new recipes.
Instead of going out to eat, I thought I'd make Valentine's Day dinner and let that be my gift to Tom this year. I was super excited about the menu; I think I started planning it about two weeks in advance, and every dish was a new one for me. We started with baked brie, one of Tom's favorites, topped with apricot preserves and sliced almonds. The main course was chicken stuffed with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes, with acorn squash risotto and roasted asparagus as sides. (I didn't count the asparagus toward the list, though; you've roasted one vegetable, you've roasted them all.) Then for dessert, we had white chocolate bread pudding, made in the slow cooker and garnished with sliced strawberries. It was an amazing meal; I don't think we missed out on anything by staying in! I was actually really stressed about it beforehand, especially the chicken and the risotto, but the results were great! What a wonderful feeling to know that I don't have to be intimidated by food! :)

#28: Watch every Best Picture Oscar winner from 1960-2013.
Saturday night, we watched The Sting on-demand. It was so good! Robert Redford, Paul Newman, need I say more? After dinner last night, we rented Annie Hall, which seemed appropriate because it's considered one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. And it was hilarious! I honestly didn't think a movie that funny could win Best Picture; in that sense, it was pretty different from any of the others we've seen.

#33: Make my own sweet tea.
I feel a little silly even having this on the list. I mean, I grew up in South Carolina, where sweet tea flows like fine wine. But I've never made it myself! Well, I wanted to have something a little different to drink with our special dinner, and I remembered that Tom's mom had sent us a box of raspberry pomegranate green tea, so I used some of the bags to make sweet tea. It was pretty (a deep red in color)...and pretty good! I think it could've been a little stronger, but at least I know what to do next time!

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