Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank You, Linda!

#1: 100 new recipes.
I officially own an ice cream maker! It's pretty funny the way it happened...I've been wanting one for months now, and I had birthday money to spend on it, but I kept telling myself there were better uses for that money. I was mentioning this at work the other day when Linda, one of my co-workers, said she had a brand-new ice cream maker in her car! She'd been trying to get rid of it for months! I knew there was a reason I kept putting off buying one. ;-) Anyway, Tom and I took it for a test drive yesterday evening. We were going to make Nutter Butter (based on a recipe for Cookies & Cream...we don't have any Oreos, but we do have a truckload of Nutter Butters, thanks to my mom's propensity for shopping at Sam's Club), but the ice cream took forever to set up, so we just had vanilla and sprinkled the crushed Nutter Butters on top. good.

#28: Watch every Best Picture Oscar from 1960-2013.
Our date-night movie this week was Chicago. I really liked it! I love musicals, and this one definitely didn't disappoint. I felt weird at first because I really didn't like the protagonist, but then Tom said he was pretty sure I wasn't supposed to like her, so then I felt better...!

#64: Watch every season of ER.
We got Season 1: Disc 1 in the mail this week, and we've already finished it and sent it back. You know, when I first really started watching ER (in college), it was already in Season 10 or 11, so it was fun to kinda go back in time and see how things were in the beginning, and how they changed over time. And it's been so nice sharing it with Tom. I could never get him to watch it with me in college, but now we get to enjoy it together from the beginning!

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