Saturday, June 4, 2011

To Market, To Market

#74: Sample something at a farmers' market and actually buy it.
I really like farmers' markets; the idea of supporting local businesses is really appealing to me. My problem, however, is that I always sample something from pretty much every booth, and never buy anything! How does that support anyone? *sigh*
Well, no more! This morning, Tom and I went to the farmers' market at Beargrass Christian Church and bought not one, but two items from two separate local vendors!

The first item was a wine cheese spread. It's similar to beer cheese, as you might imagine, but not quite as strong, and really good on crackers. We thought it might be something a little different to take to small group as a snack next week.

The second item was completely impulsive. I know you probably can't read the label, but it's bourbon-smoked garlic salt. We were sampling something else at this one booth, when the guy running it shook some of this stuff into our hands and told us what it was. So good! I suspect we'll be able to put it on just about anything.

It was a great morning at the farmers' market! We had so much fun; we even talked about going back as often as once a month!

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