Friday, October 28, 2011

More Recipes, and a Movie

#100 new recipes.
I need to start keeping a list of all the pumpkin recipes I've tried, for future reference. This fall has been very good to us in that much pumpkin goodness!

Behold...pumpkin risotto. (I know it's dark...we were trying to go for natural lighting, and it was dark and cloudy outside at the time, so...yeah.) Yes, I made risotto earlier this year, and the basic concepts of risotto are usually the same, but some of the techniques in this recipe were different. I think this one was also a little more authentic, and it looked more like risotto is supposed to look. But the recipe was from Wolfgang Puck, so what do you expect?

My church is in the middle of a six-week campaign called Change for a Change. Each week we have a different event after each service, and the proceeds from each event go toward the digging of a well in Ghana. The events have varied each week, from passing out water bottles to fill up with loose change, to a kids' craft day, to a carnival, to this past Sunday's event: a bake sale. My contribution this week was a batch of pumpkin cookies with a crazy icing drizzle. Tom bought two...he was very excited about them. :)

Next was a non-pumpkin recipe...Friday afternoon, I came across and saved P-Dub's recipe for homemade restaurant-style salsa. I wasn't sure when I'd get to try it, but then Lyndie suggested having nachos at small group this week! Perfect timing! So I've now learned how to make both guacamole and salsa...Mexican restaurants better watch out!

My aunt emails me recipes by the virtual truckload, and one of them was for a simple pumpkin soup, with onions and cumin. I was amazed at how quickly it came together; I'm definitely glad I have this one in my arsenal, especially for days when I work late and don't want to take a long time on dinner!

And last but not least was another non-pumpkin recipe: white chicken chili. [insert shameless plug for other blog here] This one's been on my cold-weather recipe to-do list for awhile, and it was well worth the wait!

#28: Wath every Best Piture Osar winner from 1960-2013.
Monday night, I watched Midnight Cowboy. It was easily the most depressing movie I have ever seen. Granted, I have not seen many movies in my life, but I'm saying it anyway. Every second was just dripping with hopelessness and all the depravity of the 1960s at its worst. I had to watch something else immediately afterward, just to take my mind off of how sad it was. I hope this goes without saying, but I would not recommend it. However, if I had to pick one (figuratively) bright spot, it would be Dustin Hoffman's performance...but that shouldn't surprise anyone at this point.

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