Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

#28: Watch every Best Picture Oscar winner from 1961-2013.
In my parents' house, there is a music box that has some cherubim sitting around a piano, and the song it plays is the theme from Chariots of Fire. Until recently, that beautiful tune was all I knew about the movie. See, I've declared Monday to be movie night, at least for this semester; Tom's in class until 10 that night, so I've been watching the movies he either doesn't care about seeing or has already seen. And this week's selection was Chariots of Fire, courtesy of Netflix instant streaming. (That's right, we are still loyal Netflix subscribers, come what may.) Oh, what a movie. I discovered pretty early on that that song was kind of a silly choice for a music box with some cherubim sitting around a piano. To be honest, my training for the Bridge Run hasn't been going very well lately, but thanks to Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, I am re-inspired!

#1: 100 new recipes.

Cold weather is finally starting to set in, and cold weather means soup weather at the Duttweiler residence. One of our favorites is minestrone; when we have the option of ordering soup at a restaurant, we get that from time to time, but I had never made it myself. Well, I recently came across the cookbook that came with the Crock-Pot my mom gave me, and it had a minestrone recipe. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the day I made it was cold and rainy: the perfect kind of day for soup, and this one did not disappoint!

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