Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something Fishy

#58: Order fish at a restaurant 5 times.
I think I've crossed a threshhold with this fish thing; this evening, I had my first real sushi experience. Tom had sushi for the first time about three weeks ago, and he loved it. Not long after that, we got a Groupon for Osaka, a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. I figured that I could order sushi as a last resort...you know, if I didn't see anything I liked on the other menu. See, my only experience with sushi up to that point was at the food court in the student center at college...not the best representation. But the sushi menu at Osaka was a far cry from that. The regular menu sounded great, but nothing really jumped out at me. So, sushi it was.

I got the Tornado Roll; that's the one in the middle. Pretty, isn't it? It had salmon, crab, masago (the eggs of some kind of fish), sesame seed, green onion, and cream cheese, with a "special chef sauce" on top. And the verdict? It was delicious! I loved it! Tom and I also split the Zacking Roll, the one at the top: fried red snapper, cream cheese, tempura flakes, and chef sauce. Yum!!

#59: Learn to use chopsticks.
I've had opportunities to use chopsticks in the past, but what always seemed to happen was that I'd try using them for about two seconds and then give up and use a fork. Well, you know how some people learn to swim by being thrown into a pool? When we got to Osaka, we sat down and realized that the only utensils we had were chopsticks. It was sink or swim...eat or not eat. So, Tom gave me a lesson, and, after several minutes of adjusting and readjusting my fingers...

Success! Now, I should be honest: after this picture was taken, there were several more minutes of adjusting and readjusting...but by the end of the meal, I think I really got the hang of it! I definitely need to practice more, though, which means we need to go out for sushi again sometime soon. ;-)

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