Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Update

#28: Watch every Best Picture Oscar winner from 1961-2013.
I watched Million Dollar Baby last weekend. For those who haven't seen it, I warn you: yes, this is a boxing movie, but Rocky it is not. If you only like movies with happy endings, this is not one for you. I went through several tissues in the second half. That being said, I thought it was great. Sad, yes, but very well-done. Way to go, Clint Eastwood! This weekend, I watched Amadeus. This was one of those movies that was available for instant streaming on Netflix but then went away at the beginning of the year. Well, it's back! This was also one of those movies about which I didn't really know very much, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

#1: 100 new recipes.
We went beyond Meatless Monday and didn't have meat in any of the dinners we ate at home this week! I tried another veggie burger, this time with sweet potato, and they held together much better than the last veggie burgers I tried. But that's probably because I didn't have any Magic Bullet-related complications to deal with this time. (I feel obligated to warn you, though: I followed this recipe extremely loosely. The person who posted it is vegan, and I am not. Vegans are cool with me, but her recipe had a lot of ingredients that I don't have and couldn't really justify buying, so I substituted almost all of the ingredients with things that were similar but not necessarily vegan; but the burgers were still fantastic.) I also made another pasta salad, this time with cheese tortelloni, basil, and lemon juice, yum.

Tom and I had a nice, quiet Easter brunch at home this year. For our "cocktail" we had a peach lemonade cooler (with green tea instead of vodka, hehe). I made some cheesy roasted tomatoes, revisited Paula Deen's breakfast casserole (tweaked a little so that I could make it in the Crock-Pot while we were at church), and for dessert?

A grapefruit pound cake! Clearly, this one turned out much better than the disaster of a pound cake I attempted on New Year's Day...

#82: Resist the urge to quote or reference The Golden Girls for a month.
Hey...! Today is Easter! That means Lent is over, which means that I have officially gone for over a month without quoting or referencing The Golden Girls! And you know, while I still think of lines or scenes from that show from time to time, it's definitely not as readily on my mind as it was a month ago. It feels good to be free of that...and isn't freedom ultimately what Easter is all about? :)

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