Sunday, June 10, 2012

Investing for the Future

#78: Start a savings account for our future children.
God has been really gracious to us financially this year. Tom got hired on at the place where he started out working as a temp; and while I am still technically a temp, the place where I'm working right now decided to give me a nice raise since I'll be taking on some new responsibilities in the coming months. That being said, one of our goals for this year is to save more of our income. We currently have some money in savings, in case of emergency, so what's the next thing to start saving for? Children. (Whoa...Am I the only one who heard that scary music just now...?) So last weekend we set up a CD that should have a pretty good yield by the time the first little one comes around. Even though we don't plan on having kids tomorrow or anything, we figure that if we start saving now, we should have a decent amount set aside by the time we do start having them. I'm just thankful for the ability to do that!

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