Monday, April 15, 2013

'Tis Better to Give

#23: Give a gift for no reason.
I love the idea of getting people little gifts just because. No special occasion required, just something to say "I was thinking of you." I've been on the receiving end of this several times (mostly thanks to my mother-in-law!), and I thought it would be nice to pay it forward.

Anyone ever heard of a purse hook? It's a wonderful invention, especially if you're a gal like me who hates having to put her purse on the floor. You just place the hook on the edge of a table and hang your purse at the bottom. The weight from your purse holds the hook in place! My mother-in-law gave me one on my last birthday, and I use it all the time.

A couple months ago, Tom and I went on a bowling date with our friends Matt and Heather. I pulled the purse hook out to use while we were waiting for a lane to open up (I love going bowling, but bowling alley floors can be particularly gross), and Heather just thought it was the greatest thing ever. So ever since then I've been on the lookout for a purse hook for her. Well, I found a really cute one at Target on Wednesday, and in yellow to boot, which is Heather's favorite color. I brought it to church with me to give to her on Sunday, and she really liked it; but actually, I'm not sure who enjoyed that exchange more: her or me! Giving gifts is such fun!

#28: Watch every Best Picture winner since 1961.
We rented Tom Jones on Saturday. This was actually my third attempt at watching it; I tried watching it on two different occasions when it was on Netflix instant, and never made it to the end. Well, let me just say I'm glad to finally get this one out of the way. By the end, Tom and I were scratching our heads wondering why this movie won Best Picture, or why it was even nominated. It wasn't exactly bad...just kinda boring and a little odd. Oh well. Now I just have one movie left to watch; I can't believe it!

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