Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Berry Pickin'

#39: Wear a sleeveless shirt or dress without a cover-up.
Confession: I hate my arms, always have. They look so big in proportion to the rest of my body; even the times in my life when I was slimmer, I always thought they looked big and flabby, to say nothing of the stretch marks that cover at least half their surface area.

Well, this past Saturday, Tom and I went strawberry-picking at Huber Farms. It was fairly early in the day (around 9:00) and not too hot yet, but I didn't want to take any chances in case it was going to get hot later, so without really giving it much more thought I threw on a tank top. Actually, I didn't even realize until this morning that I had completed this goal! And on top of that, I just happen to have documented proof too, because Tom took a picture of me after we'd finished picking.

Eh...I guess my arms could look a lot worse.

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