Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fifth New State!

#24: See 5 new states, not including airports.
Another goal COMPLETE!

Tom's grandparents live in San Antonio, and last week they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary (!), so a lot of the extended family flew/drove down there to celebrate with them. We had a great time!

I'd already been to Texas a couple times before, so I couldn't count that as a new state. But then Tom's parents told us that they were going to drive from Tennessee to SA and back, and that Tom and I were going to fly down there and drive back with them. This meant traveling through Arkansas, which is a new state for me!

(Thank you to Patrick, who took this photo for me because he was sitting in the front seat. Also, thank you to Instagram for making it look cool.)

Arkansas doesn't look at all like I imagined it. I always thought it was flat and dry and dusty, but the parts that I saw were actually pretty green. Flat, absolutely. But dry and dusty, not so much. Interesting!

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